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Sodium Hypochlorite

• Sodium hypochlorite is also known as liquid chlorine, it is a solution with basic and oxidizing properties.
• It is popular for being used for drinking water, treated water and recreational treatments.

• Disinfection
• Aestheticization
• Discoloration
• Water deodorization

• Agriculture
• Pharmaceutical
• Industrial Chemicals
• Food Processors
• Textiles
• Water Treatments

Appearance and color:
• Impurity-free liquid
• Light yellow

• Chemical Formula: NaCIO
• Molecular Weight: 151 gr
• Specified density 1.15-1.25
• CAS Number: 7681-529
• DOT Class: Corrosive 8

50% Liquid Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda in viscous liquid solution, transparent, odorless and free of impurities detectable to the naked eye. They contain low iron content, chlorides or hardness, which make it suitable for special processes.

• Chemical industry of synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds
• Metallurgical Industry
• Paper Industry
• Textile industry
• Soap Industry
• Water Treatment
• Manufacture of consumer products
• Development of cleaners and disinfectants
• Regeneration of resins, water treatments, liquid and gaseous effluents

• Soaps and detergents
• Pulp and paper
• Textiles
• Drugs
• Mineral extraction processes
• Food Processing
• Pigments and fillers
• Organic and inorganic synthesis
• Chemical neutralization
• Oil & gas drilling
• Water Treatment

Calcium hypochlorite in the form of briquettes (Briquettes Constant Chlor® Plus)

• Disinfectant solution for drinking and waste water, as well as for the sanitation of industrial processes.
• The size and shape of the briquette provide optimal spraying, resulting in exceptional solution consistency.
• Pillow-shaped briquettes are designed for use in Contant Chloro MC5 Feed System feeders.

• NSF Certified for Drinking Water
• Dry solid product
• High concentration (68% available chlorine)
• Long service life (> 2 years)
• Suitable for high hardness waters
• No risk of leaks or spills

Calcium Hypochlorite in the form of Tablets 2 5/8 (Constant Chlor® 2 5/8 Tablets)

• It provides a slower release of the active ingredient (68%).
• It is a fungicide and bactericide for the disinfection of drinking water.
• Perfectly adapted to be used with a Contant Chlor A300 Feed System.

• NSF Certified for Drinking Water
• High resistance 65% minimum
• Longer service life
• Provides residual chlorine to maintain continuous efficiency
• Effective alternative to sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide and chlorine gas
• Extended release

Calcium Hypochlorite in Granulated Form (Granular Drytec®)

• Calcium hypochlorite in granular form is fast-dissolving chlorine for disinfection of drinking and waste water.
• It is one of the best industrial strength chlorinators.
• It is used in a variety of industrial sectors, including water, pulp and paper treatment facilities, meat processing and more.

• Contains 68% available chlorine to achieve excellent disinfection results
• Convenient and easy to use
• No storage tanks or secondary containment required
• Rapid dissolving action provides effective sanitation and excellent solution consistency
• Cyanuric acid-free (protective shield of chlorine from sunlight)

Drinking Water Treatment Equipment And Disinfection of Common Areas

Chloryrinator Tablets 2 5/8 (Contant Chlor A300 Feed System)

• The Chlorinator works with Constant Chlor® Plus tablets
• Ideal for small community wells and drinking water storage tanks
• It is a gravity feeder
• Helps prevent tartar buildup
• Low maintenance chlorination

• Tablet scale inhibitor for optimal feeder performance
• Precise chlorine control
• Ideal for remote locations
• Simple and rugged design for reliable operation in rural areas
• Highly adjustable chlorine outlet meets a wide variety of application needs

Briquettas Chlororinator (Contant Chloro MC5 Feed System)

• Constant Chlor® MC5 feeder system provides reliable chlorine solutions
• Used for water treatment plants, wastewater plants and water recovery facilities
• The Constant Chlor system uses Constant Chlor®® briquettes
• It produces 65% liquid chlorine solution.
• Fresh concentrate for a clean, clear and disinfected water result
• EPA Registered

• Unique way briquettes create a well-compacted spray bed
• Dry and easy to handle formulation
• Longer shelf life than liquid chlorine
• Feeder designed to minimize maintenance requirements
• Optimal and reliable performance

Wysiwash hard Surface Cleaner

• The Wysiwash is designed for cleaning hard surfaces.
• The hose end applicator connects to a hose
• Use calcium hypochlorite to create a solution for disinfection.
• Works with hot or cold water.
• This product is EPA registered
• Sprinkler

• Powerful deodorization
• Focuses on odor-causing bacteria
• Long lasting
• Each compressed capsule lasts up to 3 hours
• Biodegradable: safe for use on plants, artificial grass and gravel
• Disinfection and Sanitation

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